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Maybe what we’re talking about over the bottle of wine will be interesting to someone? Our knowledge, history and experiences will be of use to someone? We had a drink and decided we should tell you about it.


A different view

What is this project about?

Why did we start all this? Sometimes we ask this question ourselves, but the answer is always the same: we can’t stay silent any longer. No, we’re far from the brightest or the coolest ones. We just really love wine. We love drinking it, feeling the energy inherent in it and sharing our sensations with others. That’s what we do when we meet up. And we would like more people to grow to appreciate and love wine. So that we can all discuss the unmatched emotions, present in every glass of true wine.

We’re not talking about the wine you can find in the nearby supermarket. Sadly, the thing standing on the shelves in the majority of stores, the thing offered in the majority of the restaurants, is not wine. It’s tasty, it’s harsh, it’s fruity, but it’s not wine. It’s not true wine. It’s something “vinous” with no character, no individuality, no distinct qualities of a particular region or crop. Like it’s all been poured from one tank. Vinous Coke. And it’s hard to finding anything else in our stores.

But you can drink another kind of wine. We’re absolutely sure of this! Otherwise this project would have no meaning. If you wish to grapple with the world of wine and you’re ready to invest some effort into it – you’re the person we’re looking for. We’re glad to find new traveling and drinking companions – those it’d be interesting to drink a bottle of true wine with, those who wish to share this experience with us. Let’s be honest: we get a lot of pleasure not from just drinking wine, but also from the possibility of sharing it with others.

What is True Wine?

The term “True Wine” was coined by us. Modern science and technology came up with many methods to change the taste of wine. You can improve bad weather and the winemaker’s mistakes – and ta-da, you get flawless wine with the exact taste you want. Wine that tastes nice, but not true wine. And the whole world drinks it.

The way we see it, the main sign of the true wine is traditions. We seldom see true wine from the New World because traditions haven’t had yet time to form up there. In the Old World, where the soil and the experiences have passed through the generations, where the terroir (scared of this word? we’ll get to it later!) has been cultivated over the centuries – that’s where true wine is made. Of course, traditions are not the only requirement. In many cases, new owners make the typical commercial wine on the great terroir. And vice versa – sometimes people with zero experience become great winemakers. But they’re always obsessed with the idea of making great wine and they always treat the vine and terroir with respect. That’s what Gianfranco Soldera did more than 40 years ago.

Commercial wine is usually made in a cellar where several technologies are put into play to change the wine’s taste and other characteristics. The true winemakers make the most they can at the vineyard. They consider themselves mere guides who just wish to convey what nature created to the people. True wine is a work of art, with all its flaws and merits. It’s a collaboration between nature and the winemaker. It’s a living organism which grows, reaches its peak and dies.

Who are we?

Who exactly are we and why should you trust us? You shouldn’t! It’s just that we have drank a lot of wine. Visited many winemakers in different countries. We just want to share the information we gained during the years we devoted to wine. What comes next is up to you.

Dima has walked this road for about fifteen years. First – as an amateur. But the bad habit of analysing everything and drawing conclusions made it impossible for him to just drink wine and enjoy it. Misha has spent ten years professionally handling a corkscrew, working as a sommelier in different restaurants in Moscow, and in 2015 he finally opened his own True Wine restaurant. It was inevitable that the two paths should cross, and upon meeting we immediately realised that it was love!

And what good can you do without love? We’re making our project with great love, love for True Wine and we wish to share that with you.

Tastes differ

We’re quite opinionated and straightforward in our views. There’s thousands of wine projects where people try to be delicate, polite and tolerant. We’re not those people. If we don’t like this particular wine, we’ll just say: “Don’t drink it!” This is our standpoint which formed over the years and only became more adamant as the project went on. The choice to agree or disagree is always yours.

We have realised what we wanted: we want to discover new growers of true wine, we want to drink it and tell others about it. There’s a problem here: some makers have become very successful, top-ranked all over the world – legends of their kind. We realise that not all of our viewers are prepared to look for and buy those wines.

Of course, we talk about those winemakers as well, but our main goal is to find the unknown makers and tell you about true, yet inexpensive wines.

No Wiki

Our project is no encyclopedia. We don’t have a goal of encompassing all the wines, all the regions and all the winemakers. We talk about the things that interest us. Things that we drink. Things we want to share. Of course, we don’t know all there is to know about true wine. And even the things we do – we just don’t have time to talk about all of it. That’s why our project reflects only a tiny portion of what there is to know about wine.

There’s no point regarding it as a source of encyclopedic knowledge. Better to treat it as an almanac for the curious with the funny stories about wine which only work up an appetite – the desire to know more…

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